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Walt Mills Ministry - PO Box 1428 - Arlington, TX 76004-1428 - Ph: 817-265-2739 - Fax: 817-274-8569 - Walt@waltmillsministry.org

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Call Pastor Paul Mills: 817-265-6308


Are you in need of prayer? If you need prayer and would like for us to send you an anointed prayer cloth, we will be glad to send you one free. Email or call us, specifying if you need a prayer cloth for salvation, healing, or finances.

Walt's Music: Walt is well respected for the quality of music he ministers. One can tell as he sings, he is singing from his heart out of his love for the Lord. We offer all of Walt's projects he's recorded during the many years of ministry he's been involved with. We pray you'll be blessed by Walt's anointed music! The music and worship that characterize Walt Mills ministry continues to touch the hearts of individuals all over the world. He has his own unique style and with his soulful voice he presents a message in song that gets right down into your spirit. The freedom of worship in his music brings the listener to a place of hope and encouragement resulting in life changes.

His many accomplishments include: Mr. ICGMA of 1993 (International Country Gospel Music Association), Artist of the Decade in 1993, ICGMA Hall of Fame in 1993, Texas Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame, ICGMA Top Television Personality in 1995. Although these prestigious awards were give to Walt as a country Gospel artist, his projects present music in a style that reaches people of all ages - from the toddler to those in their senior years and all in between. Regardless of your music preference, you will find something in Walt Mills recordings that will touch your heart. Come taste and see the Glory of God and you will never be the same.

Revival Now
Have you ever sat through a church service and asked yourself the question, "God, am I seeing all there is to You?" You know in your heart there is much more to God than .... Don't miss reading Walt's newest book, "Revival Now"! Order today!
Revival Now
Walt's newest DVD ... LIVE from Family Worship Service - "Forgiveness!" Introductory price, $20 (US orders only). Call us for outside orders. We pray you are richly blessed by this message that is so needed today!

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