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Revival's In the Land CD: Revival's In The Land - $15

Revival's In The Land Today | The Altar | Ain't Got Time for You Devil | In The Garden | Love Lifted Me | Heaven Is a Real Place | What a Healing Jesus | Joy in My Heart | Walking The Sea | He's Still In the Fire | I'll Praise You

In Our New Home CD: In Our New Home - $15

Jesus, You're Welcome Here | The First Church | The Touch of the Shepherd's Hand | In our New Home | He's Walking Along Now Beside You | He's Alive | Too Hot For the Devil to Handle | There Is No Other Fountain | I'll Be There | Praise Your Name Forever | Father's House | Thank You

This Joy I Feel CD: This Joy I Feel - $15

This Joy I Feel | I Hunger For The Holiness | When The Tribulation Enters I'll Be Gone | Where The Timbers Cross | The Devil's In the Phone Booth Dialing 911 | Jesus' Blood | That's What We Need | He Was More Than Just a Man | Walking My Lord Up Calvary's Hill

Within The Old Pages CD: Within The Old Pages - $15

Holy Spirit Flow Through Me | Power In His Name | Fill My Way With Love | Softly and Tenderly | Look for Me Around God's Throne | Someone To Care | Heaven | Never Forsaken | When God Dips His Love In My Heart | No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus | God Will Roll The Waters Back

Heaven Will Be My Home CD: Heaven Will Be My Home - $15

Easter Morning | Latter Rain | Cast Your Care Upon Him | Can't You Feel His Spirit In This Place | Unspeakable Joy | Heaven Will Be My Home | Get Up in Jesus' Name | Come To Him | Rockin' The Gates of Hell | Tell Me His Name Again

Hotel Hallelu CD: Hotel Hallelu - $15

Hotel Hallelu | A Very Special Grace | Bought By The Blood of the Lamb | I Have | I Was There When It Happened | He Loves You | I'm Feelin' Fine | Times Winding Down | I Love You Today | Jesus In My Soul

Running On With Victory CD: Running on with Victory - $15

Running on with Victory | I Must Tell Jesus | What A Friend | More About Jesus | Nothing But The Blood | He's Going to Answer Prayer | I've Got A Feeling | I Would Not Be Denied | Holy Ghost Revival | The Old Rugged Cross

Revival Now BOOK: Revival Now - $20

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Walt Mills Ministry - PO Box 1428 - Arlington, Tx. 76004-1428
Ph: 817-265-2739 / Fax: 817-274-8569

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